Land of the Lions

Creating an Indian village at ZSL London zoo


Land of the Lions, the new Asiatic lion exhibit at London Zoo, was opened by the Queen in March 2016. I worked as lead interpretation developer and was heavily involved at every stage of this epic project, from developing the physical space with the architects, to researching and writing the exhibition story and text, commissioning theme-workers, artists, and interactive makers, and sourcing and positioning every last prop.


We commissioned the amazing Margaux Carpentier to paint this peacock on a fence. Bill Oddie and Chris Packham liked it.

Sir Dave came to visit one day.

We worked with several brilliant London sign painters to bring our ideas to life. This was painted by Ged Palmer.

Sign painter: Corin Kenington

Behind you your majesty!

Sign written by me and painted by Tabby Riley

Mural painter: Ged Palmer