I write exhibition text for museums and visitor attractions, adverts, comic strips, film and television scripts (with my brother Rob), and short stories. I also wrote all the content for the exhibitions I have produced at London Zoo - you can find out about those on the Exhibition Design page of my website. 


Greenpeace virtual reality explorer

I wrote some VR film scripts and in-app copy for Greenpeace's amazing new virtual reality app. You can download it (and donate a small amount of money to get a beautiful Greenpeace VR headset) here.


Working for the Big Man

My brother and I wrote a pilot for an audio sitcom. It was produced by Audible, with the brilliant Kevin Eldon, Felicity Montagu and Mitch Benn playing the lead roles. Have a listen:

kevin eldon.jpg

The incredible talking spider

I wrote a monologue for a tarantula. It was voiced by comedian hero god Stewart Lee, who added a tiny sprinkling of improvisation. You can listen to it in situ in London Zoo (by the tarantula tank in the new spider exhibit), or here:


And here's Sir David Attenborough listening to it:


Jurassic Seas

I was commissioned to write the exhibition text for the new Jurassic Seas exhibit at Sea Life Brighton. I have also researched and written a good couple of hundred fish species labels for various Sea Life centres around the world, which has done wonders for my general fish knowledge...


Rain Garden - WWT London Wetland Centre, Barnes

I wrote the exhibition text for the Nigel Dunnett designed Rain Garden at the WWT Barnes wetland centre. Graphic panels were installed around the garden and inside a small interpretation centre (which was made from a reclaimed shipping container, last used to transport a cargo of toothpicks). The garden was opened by Alan Titchmarsh in 2010.

rain garden.jpg

Down the plughole - WWT London Wetland Centre, Barnes

I wrote the exhibition text for this fun exhibition about sewers at the Barnes Wetland Centre. Housed inside a giant sewer pipe are graphic panels and small installations revealing where the stuff we flush ends up. Information about all the weird stuff that has turned up in London's drains (goldfish, unexploded hand grenades, half a Mini car etc), and about the now famous 'fatbergs' that build up.


A Terrible Date in World History

A short story about a bad date in an Essex nuclear bunker (PDF)


Very First Man on Mars

A short story about a frustrating shuttle journey. Bizarrely, although I wrote this almost a decade ago, I decided to make Donald Trump the POTUS. He's only in it very briefly but I didn't really know anything about him at the time or think that he would actually go on to threaten humanity. May have to do a rewrite. (PDF)


The Extension Cable

A strange short story about an extension cable based mystery (PDF)


The Fly Under the Umbrella

A short story about a roller coaster friendship with a fly (PDF)

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