I have made short animated films for Save the Children, The Institute of Environmental Sciences, and just for kicks. I like to draw as much as possible by hand and then use a computer to whizz it up. Few things in life are so time-consuming and so satisfying.



With clips from various projects:



An unusually tough duck stands up to an annoying dog


Are You Spreading Poo?

This short animation was nominated for an award at the London International Animation Festival 2009 and screened at the Renoir Curzon cinema in London. It's about shit - I would have made something a lot more pleasant, but it was for this competition.  Written and directed by me and my brother Rob.


Breathe Inwards

This isn't really an animation. But hey why not sit back, press play, and let your mind and body relax!


Lucky Lion

A short film written by me and my brother and starring me as an infuriatingly lucky lion with a sketchy South African accent. If it feels rough around the edges that's because it was written, filmed and edited in 48 hours for the Smoke & Mirrors 48 hour film competition. To our DISBELIEF, it didn't win!!


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